Transcript: Henry Cavill Tudors Profile 2007

“The Tudors is about King Henry the 8th and his court, the young King Henry the 8th and his court. Rather than the popular image of the fat and very, very ill Henry the 8th which one often sees in portraits, it’s focusing on the younger version of him. His friends, his court and the beginning of what we know as Henry the 8th. It’s following that original journey.”

“My character is Charles Brandon. He is a confidant of the King, best friend. They grew up together due to the fact King Henry’s father and Charles Brandon’s father were also close. Charles Brandon’s father was King Henry’s father standard bearer at the Battle of Bosworth. King Henry and Charles grew up together so they’re very close friends. Even though Charles had no official title. He was a mister. Which is how Charles Brandon starts in the story – he starts as Mister Brandon. They are very very close, he’s the only person who can actually effectively compete with Henry and beat him. With no fair repercussion.”

Marrying a Princess

“He really can’t keep his dick in his pants. He just — excuse me. He loves women, he chases them all over the place. As one of the lines go —one of Margaret’s fantastic lines — he can love for a year, a month, a day, an hour and then that’s it. You’ll love fantastically for that period of time and then you’ll move on.”

“Charles has pushed it too far. Normally he had pretty much free reign wherever he went in court. He could say whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted because he was King Henry’s best mate. No one could touch him. But with Margaret, he just went too far. Because he marries Margaret without asking Henry, which is the most important thing. He marries into the royal family without asking Henry and also had potential for causing a political disaster.”

Competing with a King

“Young, vibrant, athletic, fit. He really was this man of incredible power. What the image of what a king would be. Charles and him are very similar. Played sport all the time, hunting, jousting. A great camaraderie. Sort of like a rugby team or something. You’re always competing with each other. But it’s on a far more deadly scale when it comes to jousting, for example. Which was a blood sport. You could quite easily die – charging each other on enormous horses with huge amounts of armor on and a great big stick in your hand. You really have to be careful because you don’t want to knock the king off. You’re threatening the royal line. You’re basically making a personal attack on the king. So everyone deliberately lost to him.”

Royal Tennis

“It’s quite a fun game, actually. When the tutor came up to train us, it was interesting – it’s like a cross between squash and tennis. And it’s a fantastic sport. You’re playing off the walls and everything. And the whole point is instead of playing tennis where you’re supposed to get it past someone, the whole point is to play it so it bounces on the ground, then off the back wall and then as close as possible to the back wall and then that’s a point. And you have to – they can only get a point if they beat that mark close to the wall or something. It’s quite complicated to begin with but a very fun sport. It’s not about power at all, it’s about control and spin, lots and lots of backspin on every shot.”

A King’s Best Friend

“You couldn’t ask for a better place to be the best friend of a king. Because you haven’t got the responsibility of the King and you’re untouchable. And people always want to get into your favor. To oust other people out of court because you’ve got the kings ear.”

Transcript: Henry Cavill Tudors Profile 2008

Narrator: It’s good to be the king

King Henry: Charles

Narrator: Sometimes it can be better to be his best friend

King Henry: I’m making you a Duke, Duke of Suffolk

Narrator: Just ask Henry Cavill, who stars as Charles Brandon in the Showtime original series, The Tudors

Henry: Charles loves the king, they are best friends

King Henry: Game of Tennis? Charles Brandon: Good Idea!

Henry:And Charles Brandon is the only person who can compete with Henry and beat him, with no fear of repercussion.

Charles Brandon: Are you really going to marry mistress Boleyn? She and Thomas Wyatt where once lovers.

King Henry: She denies it.

Charles Brandon: Well she would, wouldn’t she.

King Henry: I said she denies it!

Narrator: This versatile actor has had to master a cavalcade of sports.

Charles Brandon: I shall die a happy man!

Narrator: Of all kinds.

Henry: Last season was great!

Duke of Buckingham: You violated my daughter!

Charles Brandon: I swear to Your Grace; someone else was there before me.

Henry: This year Charles (laughs) is far more grown up.

Charles Brandon: I swear by all that is holy, that to you, I will always be true.

Henry: In prep school, I really learned to love the stage. When you step out from the wings and into the lights, there’s this incredible rush of adrenalin and fear and anticipation, it’s just something else, it really is.

Narrator: Cavill got his first big break at seventeen in the Count of Monte Cristo.

Henry: They were looking for a boarding school boy and luckily I happen to look right for the part and I had a bit of acting experience, and um that’s were it all kind of kicked off.

Narrator: This rising star holds his own with Robert DeNiro and other big names in the fantasy Stardust. And shoots to kill in his newest the Joel Shumaker horror picture Town Creek. Today, he’s the face of Dunhill’s men’s fragrance.

Michael Hirst (writer/producer): Henry is very beautiful, my daughters are all desperate to marry him. Henry Cavill is going to be a great film star. I don’t think there is going to be any doubt about that.

Narrator: Still, sometimes an actor needs a back-up plan.

Henry: I would have joined the forces. It was always kind of a thing of mine. I grew up with a lot of patriotic pride. Well, either that or I also had an interest in Egyptology as well. But ah, I don’t know.

King Henry: Charles

Charles Brandon: I have a gift for you, my boat.

King Henry: How can I ever have doubted you.

Narrator: And there is no doubt this is a star will continue to turn heads, watch Henry Cavill in the Tudors only on Showtime.

Transcript: Henry Cavill – Tudors Premiere – New York 2008

Henry Cavill talks about his character in the show, how he’s more developed in the second season, why he thinks the show is such a hit. Talks about how fun it is to work with the actors in the show.

INTERVIEWER: How is your character different this year?

HENRY: He is far more grown up and battles with his conscience a lot more and is far more grown up for the politics this season.

INTERVIEWER: What was it like working with the cast? Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

HENRY: Everyone is amazing, Johnny is a fantastic actor and all though we don’t have many, many, many scenes together we do the scenes together that are called by history.

INTERVIEWER: What do you think it is about the Tudors, the show that draws the people in, I mean the love the show?

HENRY: I wouldn’t know, I wouldn’t pretend to know. It’s different for every person.